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Three Things That Will Help To Keep Your Small Businesses From Failing

This particular story has played itself out many, many times over. A young, or sometimes not so young, aspiring entrepreneur has a great idea for the next big thing. They are so excited about this idea that they kick around the thought of launching a start-up based around it. They lose sleep and finally, decide to take the plunge. In a flurry of excitement and fear, they begin laying out a road ma Read More...

10 reasons why many start-ups fail

With 80% of start ups failing to stay in business beyond their third year, I have compiled 10 reasons as to why start ups fail. Many of these businesses have forgotten the basics or been living in dreamland. Make sure you don't become just another statistic. So with that in mind here are 10 reasons many startups fail: 1.) Dreaming: The first reason why start-ups fail is because they never get sta Read More...

Brand Reputation Management

Building a brand takes years, but a negative comment, especially one that is highly visible on search engine rankings, can tarnish a company's image in a small fraction of the time. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a central Internet Marketing process which effectively serves to establish a brand; those actively engaging in onsite and offsite SEO processes are actually also engaging in Brand Re Read More...

Start-ups and Call Center

Start-ups are units having resources that don't really match the traditional ideas of what a business firm should have to hire a call center. They don't have much of financial cushion to fund telemarketing campaigns, they don't have a brand value that can get them easy lead generation access and neither do they have a customer base that is wide enough to demand answering service facilities. The qu Read More...

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