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Three Things That Will Help To Keep Your Small Businesses From Failing

This particular story has played itself out many, many times over. A young, or sometimes not so young, aspiring entrepreneur has a great idea for the next big thing. They are so excited about this idea that they kick around the thought of launching a start-up based around it. They lose sleep and finally, decide to take the plunge. In a flurry of excitement and fear, they begin laying out a road ma Read More...

Brand Reputation Management

Building a brand takes years, but a negative comment, especially one that is highly visible on search engine rankings, can tarnish a company's image in a small fraction of the time. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a central Internet Marketing process which effectively serves to establish a brand; those actively engaging in onsite and offsite SEO processes are actually also engaging in Brand Re Read More...

Start-ups and Call Center

Start-ups are units having resources that don't really match the traditional ideas of what a business firm should have to hire a call center. They don't have much of financial cushion to fund telemarketing campaigns, they don't have a brand value that can get them easy lead generation access and neither do they have a customer base that is wide enough to demand answering service facilities. The qu Read More...

Online Reputation Repair Management - Matter's

Reputation management not only can be approached from a technological standpoint or point of view of communications. This means that you can not rely on blogs.     A company with a name similar to yours, and a URL similar to yours, get a load of bad press and people who flat-rate with this company. reputation management online can help remove these problems, which happens much more frequently than Read More...

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