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Inventory Management - Brief overview for new startups

Inventory is the bread and butter of a wholesale businessman. Inventory management is therefore inevitable for all wholesale entrepreneurs to succeed. There are many things that need to be considered by a wholesaler or supplier who is about to start a new business as a wholesaler. Wholesalers buy in bulk and sell in bulk. Poor inventory management can put them to a road of forever losses. Anyone s Read More...

SMSF's –the Missing Link in the Innovation Puzzle

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) may be a missing piece to the innovation puzzle in Australia. One of the problems facing many Australian start-ups and early stage companies is a lack of access to the funds they need to commercialise their technologies.  If sufficient funds cannot be raised locally, these companies have two choices: go overseas (typically the USA) or manage with the very limited re Read More...

Reputation Management versus Crisis PR

Online reputation management is about tracking people's actions online and removing any negative comments or opinions and converting those negatives in to positive articles, blogs or news stories. Online reputation management is primarily a new concept in Internet marketing.Before, marketers did what was know as crisis management, especially for Fortune 500 companies and their executives. However Read More...

Compliance Solutions for Startups

Every startup has a number of challenges to overcome once they step into the competitive market. Decision-making can be confusing and intimidating with a lot of speculation involved. However, amongst other things, Risk Management should also be given its due attention. While you can certainly make use of privileges offered by IT for faster communication and quick decision-making, it is important t Read More...

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